Importance of Education

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v[pic] Code of Ethics Memo

To:Dollar General Employees

From: David Perdue, Chairman and CEO

Date:February 2007

Re:Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

Attached is the revised Code of Business Conduct and Ethics as approved by our Board of Directors. Our Company’s integrity is our most valuable asset. I expect you to familiarize yourself with the Code and to conduct yourself in accordance with the strict ethical standards required of every Dollar General employee.

I encourage you to contact the Employee Response Center or other person designated in the Code if you have any questions regarding the Code or how to proceed in a particular situation. For various matters, the Code requires disclosure to, and in some cases approval by, particular persons identified in the Code, such as Internal Audit, our Board of Directors or the VP of your business unit. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have promptly and thoroughly disclosed and, where necessary, received approval of any and all such matters. Note that disclosing a matter does not absolve you from obtaining the appropriate approval or waiver where it is required.

Please thoroughly and carefully complete the certification and disclosure form, found immediately following the Table of Contents, and return it to the Imaging Department in Integrity Place. Please be sure to include your social security number, as the form cannot be processed without it.

I appreciate your commitment to integrity.


Failure to complete the certification and disclosure form is cause for disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment, as is any failure to comply with the Code.

This Code replaces all previously distributed editions. You should throw away any outdated Code immediately. If you need additional copies, please contact the Forms Hotline at 1-700-200-1234, extension 4175. The document number is DGP-K-11M....
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