Importance of Education

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  • Published : December 1, 2012
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“Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school.” said ALBERT EINSTIEN The words of Albert Einstein clearly suggest that learning is a never ending action that begins and school and continues throughout life. The education is the process of instruction aimed at the all round development of individuals, providing the necessary tools and knowledge to understand and participate in day to day activities of today’s world. It is not restricted to our school text-books. Even the regular happenings and events around us educate us, in one or the other way. It is a holistic process and continues through our life. It dispels ignorance and boosts moral values of the individuals. It is the only wealth which cannot be robbed. It builds character, provides strength of mind and increases knowledge. Education liberates a man’s mind from wrong thinking, ignorance, superstitions and prejudices. It frees him from evil influences and vices. It equips him with knowledge and skill, enabling him to make a good living, culminating in his being an ideal citizen. The education not only impacts on human development and economic growth, but also is the fundamental requirement of democracy. Through education people become more responsible and informed citizens, and have a voice in politics and society, which is essential for sustaining democracy. It is essential for eradicating poverty and it allows people to be more productive playing greater roles in economic life and earning a better living. In conclusion, I think that education is important and valuable because without learning, the world would function more poorly. I choose to get an education because I want happiness, a future, financial security and knowledge. A well educated population represents a well secured, well developed, strong Nation.
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