Importance of Early Childhood Education

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  • Published : August 28, 2011
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The Importance of Early Childhood Education
By: Ruquyiah Rodgers
English Composition II

In today’s economic times, it is grow harder for our young children. Small children of today must start their education early in order for these children to have a jump start on life. Being a mother of four small children and being a former co-owner of a child care center, I quickly had to realize, that if I want my children to get ahead in life I must start educating them at an early age. Early Childhood Development is so important because of the amount of knowledge that small children can grasp on to at that age. From birth until five years of age, children’s minds are programmed to learning; it is up to us to teach them. When understanding the importance of early childhood education, one must consider the benefits such as, the lowered risk of juvenile delinquency, the promotion of learning and preparing young children for the next step in education.

One of the most important benefits for early childhood education is lowering the risk of that child growing up as a juvenile delinquent. It is important to educate young children because, if we as parents do not teach, the streets will. Street gangs are growing now days and young children who are educated on making smart decisions, have a high chance at being adopted by these street gangs. Teaching a child that violence, theft, and all other behaviors associated with juvenile delinquency, that these behaviors are wrong. Then they have a better chance of making a smarter decisions because, they now know that if I do these acts then there are consequences.

Another benefit to promoting early childhood education is learning in itself. Learning can be made fun to children, as a mother and a former co-owner of a child care center. I understood that teaching these children was very important. Every day I taught small children through play. I learned that children in a natural environment can learn many...
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