Importance of Doing Well in School

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Importance of doing well in school
As kids we all saw the excitement about high school on TV, The drinking, driving, partying etc. But no one told us that TV and reality were to different things. There are many consequences for those actions. Many teens think its okay to mess up their first or second year in high school not understanding it can hurt you from the very beginning. Doing poorly in school can hurt you when it’s time to graduate, it also can affect you when applying to colleges. School is very important and should be taking seriously for you and also to make your parents proud. There are different requirements for graduating high school and grades are the most important. If you slack off in the beginning of high school and try to change in your last year or two it can really hurt you. Your GPA is determined from the first report card you get when entering school. Your GPA moves two times a year which makes it very hard to bring it up when it is low. In high school you have to stand your ground and avoid peer pressure. Fooling around in class with friends isn’t going to get you anywhere. Your friends can be fooling around with you but are getting good grades. It’s one man for itself in this world so you have to do what you have to do to go where you want to go. Colleges look at everything when determining if they want to accept you. They will like to see kids successful throughout all years in high school, the ones who maintain high standards. They will see when your attendance and discipline record. If done poorly in these areas it can affect their decisions. Colleges want the best of the best, not the kids who turned around as a junior or senior and their GPA is very low. We all want to be successful in life and that success starts in school. Many parents work hard to be as successful as they are today. Many have been inspired by their kids to keep striving for the best. Parents do the best they can to make sure their kids are doing well...
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