Importance of Diversity

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  • Published : November 8, 2011
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Jordan Thompson
Dr. Amy Juhala
English 238
Diversity Comparison Essay
May 11, 2011
The Importance of Diversity
Diversity comes in different forms such as social and cultural. Social diversity has to do with a person or persons and their feelings, what they go through and how they deal with it. Each individual is unique and it is important for children to realize this. Individuals grow up and change because of their society. That is where social diversity comes from. Societies and cultures are dynamic and changeable, but will always affect different members of society in ways that reflect power and status. In the books, A Long Walk to Water, and Becoming Naomi Leon, by Pam Munoz Ryan, diversity is shown, although in different ways.

A Long Walk to Water was written by Linda Sue Park. This is a book about the struggles of two people’s lives and how they intertwined later on in life. The main character is a male, Salva and in, Becoming Naomi Leon, the main character is a girl, Naomi. Naomi and Salva both have problems. Naomi and her little brother were left to be taken care of by their grandmother because Naomi’s immature, alcoholic mother wanted her own life. Salva left behind his family and friends, not because of selfishness, but because of a war that was going on in his village. Salva and Naomi both go through hardships dealing with family, for example, Salva had to walk across a desert without any family, constantly wondering, “Where are we? Where is my family? When will I see them again?” (9) Naomi never knew her father, she didn’t know if she would ever find him, her thoughts never left her even though they were positive, “We will find him. We will find him. We will find him..”(136)

Cultural and social diversity surround the lives of people every single day. Why would one consider ignoring diversity, especially in children’s books? Some are afraid to add variety and admit that diversity is change and change is good. In Literature for Children, the...
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