Importance of Data Collection

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  • Published : November 28, 2012
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This report will give an overview of the aim behind collecting data, types of data collected, methods used and how the collection of the data supports the department’s practices. It will also give a brief outlook on the importance of legislation in recording, storing and accessing data.

Why Organisations Need to Collect Data
* To satisfy legal requirement: every few months there is some request from the government sector to gather, maintain and reports lots of information back to them on how many people do we have in the organization, working hours, how much our expenses for the whole year, we should keep data stored in case information is needed to defend the company legal actions that could arise at any time

* To provide documentation in the event of a claim: safety legislation and health required that require that records are kept of accidents , whenever an employee make claims to employment tribunals and the employer need to defend such a case he will demands on the accuracy and comprehensive of personal records

* To provide the organization with information to make decision: since the computer software is developed the information is more readily available, will aid identify problems and helps in taking decision in relation to promotion and salary increases.

Types of data that is collected within the organization and how each supports HR or L&D practices There are 2 types of Data that is collected by HR Functions and below is a description of each explaining who they support the HR and L&D functions. Quantitative data are the data that uses metrics/numbers, usually numbers act as magic whereas it eases out work & make it efficient.

Adding out numbers add value to your work, it usually supports your report & act as solid evidence.

Such data are used for decision making.

Qualitative Data is intangible data, used as information & kept as records for feedbacks & reference once needed....
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