Importance of Culture in Business

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Importance of culture for business (Disney) Edwin Ang

Cultural is a fundamental part of our existence. It is that involved whole which includes knowledge, beliefs, arts, morals, laws, customs and any other capabilities and habits acquired by man as a member of society. From the definition it conclude that culture has both learning and teaching capabilities. However, these processes may be centered on certain universal aspect of human behavior and activities such as house building, food production, and preparation, clothing language, business culture. (Socialogy n.d.)

The reason why the culture is important for business is because a research has been done on culture and international business is definitely a growth area. The reason is because the business world is in many ways becoming one. Doing business in different cultures requires adaption of conform with the value systems and norms of that culture. Adaption can embrace all aspects of an international firm’s operation in a foreign country. (Academy of International Business 2005) For example in this written report sated that Disney operate business in South Africa is Pretoria.

In addition, the importance of culture for Disney expansion is to expand its business to worldwide. From the world map consist of much different country and eventually is have several of culture. In order to help Disney to expand to worldwide, culture research is the most important key to spread out. To explain it more specifically about how culture is important for Disney expansion, the key concept is cross-cultural literacy.

Cross-cultural literacy is one of the biggest dangers tackling a company that goes away for the first time is the danger of being fail to informed. International businesses that are fail to informed about the practices of another culture are likely to fail. In order to run a successful business in any country, the company should study the value systems and norms of that particular culture. Adaptation...
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