Importance of Communication in an Organization

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  • Published : November 2, 2012
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Communication in the work place is crucial to a good work environment and efficient workers. If communication breaks down often time employees will start to not work as hard as they were or become resentful. At the very least it causes a break down in efficiency of the workers due to them not knowing what is going on or the focus of the company. When there is good communication workers feel like they can actually get the job done because they really know what they are supposed to be doing and the vision that the company is trying to work towards. That is why we must look at all characteristics of communication both the good and bad. So that a manager might work on communicating well to get a more productive and efficient work place.

In my job I have seen some good and some bad communication traits over the years however recently the communication level of the restaurant has fallen. There are several ways that communication is either completely wrong or not being used to its full capacity. In this paper I am going to talk about a couple of the traits that I have seen in the workplace recently that have caused the employees to not be working at the top of their game. These traits are to believe that words overcome actions and lying to your employees. Both of these characteristics have become more commonplace in the last couple of years.

The first one believing that words overcome actions happens when a manager or owner thinks that if they say something that is what the employees will believe even if their actions do not match what they say. An example of this is when a manager says that they want open communication and then ignores everything that they don't think is right or makes it hard for employees to state their feelings by not giving them a place or time to state them.

I have seen examples of the owner saying one thing but the not providing the actions that would show that he is trustworthy in my workplace quite often. We are told that we are...
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