Importance of Breastfeeding

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  • Published : May 14, 2013
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The Importance of Breastfeeding
The toughest and most essential decision a expectant mother has to make close to her due date is whether she will breastfeed or formula-feed her newborn. Breastfeeding &/or (nursing) according to the medical dictionary is giving baby milk from your breast. This decision requires a lot of time, research and thought. Each choice has their advantages and disadvantages; I believe there is only one correct way to meet your infants emotional and nutritional needs. However, everyone has their own preference. In the end whatever decision a expectant mother makes it is inevitable that it will affect not only the baby’s health but the mother’s health as well. There are numerous advantages of naturally breastfeeding a baby; breastfeeding affects a baby’s health in ways formula cannot because formula contains things like corn syrup, hydrogenated oils and genetically modified ingredients.

The AAP recommends that all infants should be breastfed milk for at least 12 months as long as the mother is healthy and doesn’t have any medical conditions. Breastfeeding can very essential because of the benefits for both the mother and the baby. Early breast milk (colostrum) is very rich in both antibodies and nutrients which is good for the baby because it’s protectant. An article from CNN News written on April 30, 2013 stated that breastfed babies are short of vitamin D supplements because most new parents aren't giving their babies vitamin D supplements. Many mothers would disagree because as long as they're getting enough vitamin D (sun, fresh air, walks with the baby) the baby would be fine. Breast milk is also much easier for a baby to digest, especially if a baby is premature because the proteins that are made from cow milk takes a while for babies tummy’s to get use to digesting them. Breastfeeding also fights several diseases off. The cells, antibodies and hormones in a mother’s milk protects babies from illnesses. Formula cannot match the...
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