Importance of Breakfast

Topics: Nutrition, Blood sugar, Mass Pages: 2 (514 words) Published: February 15, 2013
Studies have shown that person who take breakfast are more alert, with higher level of concentration and better problem-solving skills, and generally perform better in quality of work. The best time to eat breakfast is within an hour after waking up. After 10am, if people feel it is too late to eat breakfast, they can eat a healthy snack to give them some energy for the morning until lunch. If people having breakfast and develop a healthy breakfast routine, they will realize and understand the importance of breakfast. Let’s find out the importance of eating breakfast. To start the day, people need energy. One healthy way to get energy is through eating breakfast. The word “breakfast” literally means “to break the fast.” Breakfast provides your body and brain the nourishment it craves after an overnight fast. Having a meal in the morning helps you feel satisfied longer and helps deter snacking later in the day. Breakfast is essential to kick-starting your metabolism for the day. While you are sleeping and fasting, your body slows down many processes and burns less calories. Eating breakfast helps send the signal that it is time to bring these systems back up to speed so you burn more calories throughout the day. Now, you have know ones of other importance of breakfast, so let’s look another important of breakfast. Breakfast can produce brain power. Breakfast is your brain meal. When you wake up you have been fasting for about 8 hours. Energy giving glucose levels in your brain have dropped. The energy of the brain must be restored. Simply eating the right foods in the morning can maximize your brain power. Having a breakfast also can make your brain functioning at its optimal level. Your brain needs glucose to function, and after a night of not eating, your body’s stores have been depleted. Breakfast helps raise your blood glucose levels back to normal to give plenty of fuel for your brain to perform its best. The benefits of...
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