Importance of Breakfast

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The Importance of Eating Breakfast

By a show of hands, how many of you ate breakfast this morning?
We have all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The big question is why it is so important to eat breakfast every morning, and what does breakfast do for us. I am going to be talking about just two reasons on the importance of breakfast, the first is going to be that breakfast gives us energy, and the second reasons is how it effects your mood, but let’s start with energy.

I think we all know that food gives you energy, and after a long nights rest our energy levels are at their lowest. This means our concentration levels are down, our ability to retain information is weak, and our all-around brain function is far from preforming at its best. We are essentially at our worse. Eating breakfast everyday can change all this. Breakfast gives our bodies’ nutrition and substance, which it desperately needs in the morning. This is the meal after dinner and it kicks starts your day. Breakfast gives you a boost of energy that gives you focus, drive, the ability to think sharp and breakfast helps us to function at our very best. Now that’s something to think about.

Now I am going to move on to how our mood is affected by breakfast. This is the reason that affects me the most, if I don’t eat breakfast I am awful to be around, I become very short tempered. I can’t even tolerate myself never mind asking others to, and then I eat and almost immediately feel my mood turns around. Our bodies can’t run on empty. If we don’t eat breakfast we are grumpy, irritable, we lack patience, we are sluggish, and not really motivated to handle the task at hand. Do yourself and everyone around you a favor, and eat breakfast. After sleeping the glucose or blood sugar levels in our bodies are at their lowest, this is a main factor when it comes to peoples moods. If your blood sugar is low so is your mood....
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