Importance of Breakfast

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Research studies indicate that children who eat breakfast perform better on cognitive tests and in school. Maybe it works that way for adults too since our brains need fuel to work properly. Skipping breakfast is a common strategy for people who are trying to lose weight, but unfortunately, it's usually not a successful strategy. Your body (or more likely, your brain) expects to be refueled a few times each day. When you don't eat breakfast you may feel so hungry by lunch time that you eat more foods than you normally would, which cancels out the calories you cut by skipping breakfast. You may also be tempted to choose foods that are not the healthiest choices when you feel like you're starving. For many people, eating breakfast may is an important part of a weight loss diet. Research studies tell us that people who eat breakfast are more likely to maintain a healthy weight. Some experts believe that breakfast keeps your metabolism running higher because skipping meals causes the body to kick into 'starvation' mode. This sounds impressive, but it really isn't what happens -- it takes three or four days of eating nothing before the body starts gearing down your metabolism. It's more likely that people who regularly eat breakfast also make good dietary choices the rest of the day.

___________________________________________________________________________________ Almost everyone of us must have heard the saying, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Still, not many have taken it seriously and made breakfast a part of their daily diet. Many students refuse to eat breakfast before going to school for several reasons, like, lack of time, not feeling hungry, etc. However, they do not realize that not eating breakfast actually hampers their health and can cause various learning problems. To avoid such problems, it is necessary that students develop the habit of eating breakfast daily.

The exact meaning and importance of breakfast lies in the word...
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