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Importance of Brand Identity

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Importance of Brand Identity

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GRPH 110

Importance of Brand Identity

Brand Identity, also known as BI, is to sell the products using the clear image of the brand with intensive, nature or any other trademarks to appeal the consumers. Usually, the products' marks, logos, colors, minds, sale-promotions, advertising, or public relations strategies unifies and generates the brand identity by showing consistency to the consumers. In addition, the brand identity is used to distinguish the difference between other products. Therefore, an identity of a brand acts like a unique personality.

First, to express the brand well, the corporate brand identity must include the concept clearly. Second, in order to establish a brand identity for the self-analysis, the analytical approach is needed. Third, the customers, consumers, and competitors should not be thoroughly analyzed the business strategies. Next, to create an effective brand identity, let the customers plan a strategy. Finally, the determination of the value of a brand is very important because it is the customers whom building those brands, also whom they provide the motivation for our customers.

For example, the Coca Cola Co is the brand of the “Coca-Cola”. The brand mark of the image produced by the Coca-Cola has established itself as a global brand. This unique brand image is a style to develop a strategic brand identity (The Coca-Cola Company).

According to the Blake Project Branding Blog, they said almost similar definition of a brand’s identity. They stated that a brand’s identity is a combination of visual, auditory, and other sensory components that create recognition, aid in memory encoding and decoding, represent the brand promise, provide differentiation, create communications synergy, and are proprietary (Daye).

Moreover, according to the Graphic Designer named Jacob Cass, he stated what the brand is doing in our lives and how it affects the business as a whole. He mentioned that the fundamental idea...

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