Importance of Biodiversity

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  • Published : November 14, 2010
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Kuwait University
College Of Graduate studies
Master In Environmental Sciences program
The Importance of biodiversity
In the living world
By: Suad Naser Al- ajmi
Fundamentals of Environmental Science
DR.Manaf Behbehani

Table of Contents
Summary ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Iv Introduction ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 Importance of biodiversity ----------------------------------------------------------------- 4 Biodiversity is an essential part of our cultural heritage ------------------------------- 6 Biodiversity is essential because of its economic importance------------------------- 7 Diversity and availability of food resources-------------------------------------------- 8 Biodiversity is an essential part of sustainable development ------------------------ 9 Biodiversity is essential as a provider of natural services ---------------------------- 9 Biodiversity is essential as a source of natural products ----------------------------- 9 Benefits: from household products to technological innovation --------------------------11 Pollination ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 11 Regulation of Climate and Air Quality --------------------------------------------------12 Biodiversity and productivity -------------------------------------------------------------13 Regulation of Infectious Diseases ------------------------------------------------------- 14 Human health ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 15 Conclusion ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- 17 References ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 18

List of tables
Table 1 represents the number of living species of all organisms currently known ---- 6 Table 2 – biodiversity provides good medicine ----------------------------------------------9 List of figures

1 – Figure 1: The genetic diversity among individuals of one species of Caribbean snail-----2 2- Figure 2: Two species found in tropical forests are part of the earth's biodiversity-----------2

The word "biodiversity" is a contracted version of "biological diversity". The Convention on Biological Diversity defines biodiversity as:"the variability among living organisms from all sources including, inter alia, terrestrial, marine and other aquatic ecosystems and the ecological complexes of which they are a part; this includes diversity within species, between species, and of ecosystems." Biological diversity is of fundamental importance to the functioning of all natural and human-engineered ecosystems, and by extension to the ecosystem services that nature provides free of charge to human society. Living organisms play central roles in the cycles of major elements (carbon, nitrogen, and so on) and water in the environment, and diversity specifically is important in that these cycles require numerous interacting species. General interest in biodiversity has grown rapidly in recent decades, in parallel with the growing concern about nature conservation generally, largely as a consequence of accelerating rates of natural habitat loss, habitat fragmentation and degradation, and resulting extinctions of species

The necessity of abundant life
“The sheer diversity of life (on Earth) is of inestimable value. It provides a foundation for the continued existence of a healthy planet and our own well-being.”( An un spoilt nature reserve, Franz Josef Glacier, New Zealand ) Biodiversity (biological diversity) is the variety of life on Earth. The plants, animals and microorganism; the genes that make up these species and the ecosystems wherein these species live all make up the biodiversity of the living world. The greater the biodiversity is, the greater the variety of these...
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