Importance of Beauty in Modern Society: Personal View

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  • Published : March 24, 2008
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Before, grooming and anything to do with beauty care was exclusively attributed to women. They were the ones who got manicures, used creams, waxed, exfoliated, wore perfumes and even chose clothes that accentuated their figures in the best possible way and for every daily occasion, followed trends and fashion magazines for tips and even created fashion icons of “perfect women” such as Jackie Kennedy or Marilyn Monroe. Later, men started doing this sort of thing, they liked the feeling of soft skin and sleeker hair, cleaner cuticles and less chest hair. However, this meant that society had to have a severe change of mind, suddenly they had to accept that what was usually only done by women could also be done by men. And in changing times, this was something society didn’t in fact want to change, so it ended up being attributed to men of homosexual orientation since in the end if women got manicures to attract men then men who got manicures must want to attract other men as well. Times are changing, fast, and men are feeling the pressure to look good, something women have felt for the longest of times. So, slowly but gradually men are starting to change society views on male grooming and many may say that it’s already not only socially accepted but socially demanded, meaning that nowadays a man with grey hair is badly seen and should try to hide it using various cosmetic products whereas previously it was seen as something that gave men the appearance of wise and grandeur. Now, with global images of defined “perfect people” scattered around the world beauty has become global so one may wonder, have we reached a time when looking good is more important than looking wise?
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