Importance of Attitude

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The importance of attitude
Everyone is born into a set of circumstances and the quality of life that individual has is dependent upon the attitude he or she embraces. In life we may encounter some difficult circumstances which we can try to defeat by keeping a positive attitude. The amount of effort and positive attitude put into solving the problem makes a huge impact in the outcome. One should not become dispirited and worrisome with these challenges. Instead, one should try to have a positive attitude and make the best of a situation. Also when a person we care for is confronted with a difficult circumstance our attitude can make a huge difference in the way they react to challenges. The difficult circumstances which we have or encounter can be lessened with the amount of effort we put in.

The effort put into our attitude matters. In MacKinlay Kantor’s “A Man Who Had No Eyes,” two blind men: Parsons and Markwardt each had different efforts and attitudes towards life. Parsons carries a jaunty alpaca walking stick and is a “handsome figure with his immaculate gray suit.” Even though Parsons lost his sight, he made a success of his life by selling insurance. A few years ago “he had been little more than a skilled laborer; now he was successful, respected, admired. . . .” Parsons moved on with a positive attitude and made a success of his life. In contrast Markwardt’s dressed in a “shaggy” manor and wore a “greasy” coat. Markwardt gave up on his life, became a beggar, and (as his appearance, speech, and attitude show) pitied himself and made nothing of his life. He failed to put any effort into solving his problem and did not apply a positive attitude. Markwardt did not have a good attitude and did not put any effort to solve his situation, he became a failure and his life was miserable.

Milk is a sweet and nutritious drink which many people enjoy. But if we spill the milk, there is no reason to cry over it. No matter how much we cry, the...
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