Importance of Agriculture

Topics: Central Intelligence Agency, Food security, The World Factbook Pages: 2 (609 words) Published: April 6, 2013
… Come back home to agriculture
he youths are the right doctors for ailing agriculture here in Trinidad and Tobago. Most of our youth seem to turn a blind eye to what is seen as just hard work in the sun. It’s not their faults of course, for many years our parents tell us ‘I don’t want you to go through what I went through!’ and that was toiling in the fields to send their children to schools to become doctors and lawyers. Agriculture was our home then, but it was a hard place to live in. From that time to now, in the eyes of society anything seemed better, even the janitor in a fish market had a ‘better job’ than the farmer. But that’s the problem though, till now farmers are seen as sitting at the bottom of society. And if you cannot have anyone’s respect, nobody wants to be you. They were deprived of the respect society owes them and this keeps our youth away. But now it’s different, things have changed and at this time the country needs young people to come back home to agriculture. It’s essential for our nation’s survival. Because when the next drought or storm raids our current food basket, whether it is Guyana or America, who then will we turn to to fill the country’s mighty belly? Food security is very important and it should be top on the agenda. As a country of just 1980 sq. miles and 1.3 million people an averaged food import bill of $4 billion dollars in three years is staggeringly high. And to add insult to injury, as a nation heavily dependent on oil we may soon no longer be able to afford such a high price tag on foreign foods. According to the CIA World Factbook proved oil reserves stand at 728.3 million barrels (1 January 2011 est.). This indicates that we have just over 13 years to rely on oil. So when the oil is gone where will the money come from to buy food? I think its all the more reason to start planting again! Looking on the bright side of things, clearly that isn’t all that has changed. Lucky for us while...
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