Importance of Advertising. Essay

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  • Published : April 14, 2013
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Tam Luu
Bus 130
Professor: Michael Merz

Homework Assignment 2

Today, advertising is very important to every business. Why do we need advertising? What are the purposes of advertising? According to Wikipedia, advertising is a form of communication using as a marketing tool to introduce products, business services to the consumers. There are many different types of advertising such as media, television, newspaper, online, etc. In this paper, we are going to focus on advertising ads, what is the basis for segmentation for the ad? What is the specific segment being targeted by the ad? How does the ads appeal to the identified segment? What characteristics of the ad make it apparent who is being targeted? I am going to use Direct TV as an example to analyze the benefits of using advertising ad.

The ad is only one page with full of detail information front, and back regarding to their services and products offering. It shows a lot of comparative, and advantage in their advertising ad, why should consumer switch to their service? Direct TV ad shows a clear picture of their service, and product benefits to the consumers. Their service packages are shown along with the monthly payment cost for each package. They have also included the number of channels with or without HD, number of TV shows/movies for each package. They also give each package at least one or two premium channels at no cost for three months. If you sign up new service, or switch from another the service with their 2 years contract, they will reduce the monthly payment within the 2 years contract. In additional, they also provide information why their service is better than any other service providers. Less price but more channel, plus free installation, I don’t see why customers don’t want to switch to Direct TV. Their benefits are so good, and their price is also reasonable. I agree with all the information on their ad, because I have switched to their service from Comcast, they gave me all...
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