Importance of Advertisement in Business

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Importance of Advertisement in Business

What is an Advertisement?
“Advertising can be defined as a paid form of non – professional but encouraging, complimenting and positively favorable presentation of goods and services to a group of people by an identified sponsor. It does not include distribution of free samples or offering bonuses, these are sales promotion. In simplest words advertising is introduction, to consumers and general public, of services and goods.”

* Advertising is a favorable representation of product to make consumers, customers and general public aware of the product. It lets the potential buyers, general public and end users to be aware and familiar with the brands, their goods and services. Before going on to the importance of advertising, we would have an introduction to advertising first.

* Many people think that advertising a product means to sell it. But real aim of advertising is to make general public and potential buyers, aware of goods, products and services available under a brand.

Media of Advertising
Means communication by which advertising message conveyed to the audience is called ‘Media of Advertising’. It includes both electronic and non-electronic means of communication.

Importance of Advertising

In a successful business, advertising play an essential and important role. Though advertising does not mean selling of products and services but it helps in increasing your sales. Advertising creates awareness in people. When general public becomes conscious to the products, services and goods under the brands, they persuade people towards these brands and make them buy better brands.

Advertising can be used to create brand awareness in general public and to make business more popular within the circle of potential buyers. Advertising, in a straight line, increases profit of the companies by escalating its revenue. The expenditure made on...
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