Importance for Standing Up for Your Beliefs

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  • Published : October 25, 2012
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Importance of standing up for your own beliefs
There are many ways on how to take on your own beliefs leave them to the side or show them with pride. There are many people who are afraid to be out of the ordinary from the people around them, but without your beliefs you are not being yourself. Like my mom always told me only the truth survives in the end. When I was in middle school I was the new kid and I felt this was my opportunity to be someone who people want to talk to, someone who is seen as a cool kid. I was approached by a group of kids and they asked me if I wanted to sit with them in lunch and I being “cool” told them that I would think about it. During lunch I had nowhere else to sit so I sat with the kids who had asked me to sit with them. As I sat down they started to introduce themselves to me there names where Ruben, Mike, Anthony and Steven. They asked me if I liked video games and I said that I did and that’s all they talked about the whole time during lunch. When lunch was over they said I should sit with them every day during lunch and I had to say yes I mean who else could I sit with. After school I was waiting for my mom and I see the group of kids again coming towards me. When they approached me Mike asked me if I wanted to hang out behind the school and I said yes because I felt they were my friends. Behind the school Mike asked me if I had ever smoked before and I said “I hate smokers”, he immediately said “so you hate us, huh??”.I told him that if they smoked then I would hate them because one of my uncles passed away of cancer because of second hand smoke. He punched me in the face and I fell to the ground head first, I just felt the agony of the punch then the rest is a blur. When I woke up in the hospital it was so bright and my mom was to my right and the doctor in front of me asking me how I felt. I could not explain the feelings that I had at the moment like vanity, hurt, honor and shock. I was proud of myself that I had a grasp...
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