Importance Factors When Choosing a Career

Topics: Employment, Tertiary education Pages: 1 (452 words) Published: July 12, 2011
A career is different from a regular job because a regular job is mainly a way to earn money. However, a career is a lifelong occupation which offers financial security, and also numerous opportunities for us to improve ourselves. Choosing a career is an unavoidable decision for anyone who wants to pursue his or her tertiary education. Therefore, it is very important to consider several factors carefully when choosing a career. In this article, we will look at four crucial factors to consider when choosing a career. Firstly, we should consider satisfaction when we are choosing a career. If we can get satisfaction from a career, we will stay motivated and enthusiastic throughout the course of our career. However, if we are not satisfied with our career, it will be difficult for us to remain productive. In order to find out if we will be satisfied with a particular career, we should do ample research on the career that interests us. Secondly, we should consider talent when we are choosing a career. If we have a natural talent in a field, we will find it more enjoyable and easier to do well in a career that is related to that field. However, we need more than talent to attain excellence. We need to be hardworking as well. To find out if we are truly talented in a field, we should give ourselves a complete and honest assessment. Thirdly, we should consider prospects when we are choosing a career. Prospects refer to our chances of promotions and also increments in salary. It is pointless to remain in a career that does not allow us to improve because we have only one lifetime to use our potential and become the person that we wish to become. To find out more about the type of prospects that a career might offer, we should do ample research and talk to those who are already employed in the field that we are interested in. Lastly, we should consider salary or income when we are choosing a career. This is because we should be rewarded fairly for our skill and...
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