"The importance of appearance".

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  • Published: December 2, 2003
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Clothes, friends, appearance, and attitude are half the trouble in schools. If you wear the wrong outfit, your so-called best friend could become an enemy, and the popular kids will laugh at you the rest of the year! Maybe you are trying to get a guy to notice you, when he sees those large tacky polka dotted boots you got from your brother last Christmas, and laughs in your face. People judge you by your clothes and never notice how you really are until after marking a huge label on your forehead.

I don't think this is right because maybe you can't afford much other than that orange polka dotted dress, and its not your fault people laugh at you! The nicest person (the kind that shares her Hostess cupcakes with you at lunch) could be called a geek just because they wear large brown rimmed glasses, or get straight A's in school every semester. Let's say your favorite shirt has a large Christmas tree on the front, and people laugh when you wear it in July. It is said that people laugh at others when they are insecure with themselves. I believe this is true.

I can sometimes get caught up in such things, Especially when surrounded by other people who would care. Some of my friends wouldn't care what I wear (Okay, they might get a little embarrassed, but otherwise they wouldn't), But I am usually the one who notices if my purple shorts and orange tank top don't match. I can sometimes fear that, like what happens to Penn Webb in the book Crash, pranks will be pulled on me, or someone could call me a name of which I disapprove. While I hate being labeled, laughed at, or marked, I can become a person like that. I believe that everyone is that kind of person one day in his or her life, just trying to brighten there own day with a put-down to another.
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