Importance and Use of Sign-Language in Bangladesh.

Topics: Sign language, Language, Deaf culture Pages: 10 (2742 words) Published: March 2, 2012
1. Introduction
1.1 Origin of the Report

Communication is important for every living objective. It is impossible to live without communicating with others. Sign language is a major form of communication which means communicating through different signs and symbols. Sign language is a medium of communication which helps to express the best when verbal communication is hard or impossible. At such a situation when communication is must but verbal communication is impossible –sign language gives the way to solution. As we are human being, we very often communicate through sign language intentionally or unintentionally. So we can call it a way of successful communication .But if we think about the deaf section of our society, we will find that sign language is the main form of communication to them. As communication is very important and we are learning a course “Business Communication”-we need to know different ways of communication. For this reason we have conducted a study on sign language according to the instructions of our honorable course teacher. We have prepared a report as our honorable course instructor assigned us and this study will be very helpful for us to complete this course with some important knowledge of the effect of sign language to the people especially to the deaf.

1.2 Purposes of the Report
Our honorable course teacher assigned us the report “SIGN LANGUAGE AS A MAJOR FORM OFCOMMUNIOCATION: A SURVEY ON THE DEAF PEOPLE OF BANGLADESH” - as a part of our course. The purposes of the report are:

* To get a better knowledge about sign language.
* Use of sign language in different situation of communication. * Effective situations for sign language.
* Necessity of sign language to the deaf section of our society.

1.3 Scope of the Report

To prepare the report on sign language we have surveyed two schools for deaf children in Khulna and talked with the teachers and guardians .We talked with the relatives of some deaf people aged 10-50.From the survey, we got very good information to prepare the report . However we have surveyed only in Khulna due to time and funds availability, we have learnt a lot about sign language. We got different information from internet. But we give our effort to prepare the report as a right one.

1.4 Limitation of the Report

It is a natural thing to do work and face different limitation during working .To prepare the report we had to face so many problems and limitations. Some of those are given below- * There are very small numbers of source from where we can get adequate information. * People are not willing to give information because they are afraid of publicity. * Parents, family members and relatives of the deaf people do not feel comfortable to talk about their handicapped family member. * It is our first report to prepare and as a result we have inadequate experience about collecting information. * We have a very little fund and with that we were hardly allowed to work in a big field. * As we had a short span of time, we could not procure our report outside the Khulna city. We tried our level best to collect information from every available source.

1.5 Methodology to conduct the research
As our topic is concerned with a language, this contains a lot of data through various sources. And we found it very difficult to determine our methodology to do this survey/report. Finally we collected our primary and secondary data from these sources:

We collected our primary data by:
We gave people question papers. By filling it out they gave their thoughts & beliefs about sign language. Oral Questions:
This section was basically for the people who can’t write. Our team interviewed them and made notes of the interview. As most of the people were in hurry we had to make our questions fast and also make notes fast. And secondary sources from:

Internet was one of the most useful sources of...
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