Imporatnce of Tertiary Education

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Tertiary education helps improving quality of life and access to a stable and solid career. Ladies and gentlemen, going to a university does have real concrete benefits. Besides giving you a better chance and getting jobs for which you are already qualified, a tertiary education will also give access to a broader range of jobs to which you did not have access before. If you graduate from a bigger and reputed university, you will have a better chance of finding a good job. According to statistics on average annual salary, individuals who attend college earn more than twice as much as high school graduates. Some studies have found that college graduates with a bachelor degree earn 80% more per year than those with high school degree. Not only has a university degree given you an edge in the job market but also if you graduate from a smaller community or technical college. Ladies and gentlemen, people get hired for jobs that are outside the scope of what they specialized in college simply because employers recognize the diligence and level of responsibility that is often present in them. Even if you succeed in educating yourself outside of the university system, employers will still consider you unqualified for many occupations. With a good salary and a stable job, it indirectly helps to improve the quality of life of an individual. Put it this way, if African people were educated on how to properly use condoms, would the AIDS level go down? Or if they were taught how to efficiently produce food, would the malnutrition go down? I’m sure all present here know the answer as much as I do. Furthermore, according to a research done by the UNESCO, those having tertiary education have better access to health care, better dietary and health practices, greater economic stability and security, less dependency on government assistance and more prestigious employment, and greater jobs as satisfaction. Having tertiary education can offer better opportunities and life chances...
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