Implications of Watching Foreign Movies or Films Towards Students

Topics: Learning, Education, Educational psychology Pages: 14 (4011 words) Published: January 9, 2013

This study looked at the relationship between watching foreign film, dramas, or variety show habits and the students’ academic performances. To determine whether its exposure benefitted the students or not, a reliable research has to be conducted. Considering student’s differences factors and strategies while studying, the results might be differ from many aspects. The individual skills include how frequent they watch the movie, how long they spent their time and what types of entertainment that they favored the most. An argument about the uses of visual aids such movie shows and others can enhance the academic performances will be settled on after the results of this study had been processed. A pilot study was conducted first to check whether there was any problem regarding this issue. About 3 to 5 students were tested. Finally a survey was conducted at the boys’ and girls’ hostels in Kolej Profesional MARA Indera Mahkota where 40 students consist of 15 male students and 25 female students. This survey was conducted by distributing a set of questionnaires to all the respondents. In general, this study was a big success where majority of the students agreed that this method of learning can enhance their academic performances. Winding up, several suggestion, opinion and recommendations were recorded in the finishing part of the report.


I would like to express my special thanks to my advisor, Madam Jamilah Binti Abdul Manan, who provided me with detailed and insightful feedback for every draft, who spent an enormous amount of time reading and editing my investigation, and more importantly, who set an example for me to be a prudent presenter. I also want to thank her for her encouragement and assistance throughout the entire graduate program. I would also like to thank my family especially my auntie, Nooraini Binti Abdul Wahab for her assistance and suggestions in helping me to better understand the concept of visual study and etc. Also, I want to thank my parents for their great encouragement throughout the writing of this research. I want to offer a tremendous thank you to all my friends and anyone who has contributing themselves in this study. I will remember your patience and assistance in helping me finish this program. I treasure your friendship and support.

Table of the Content

Title| Page|
Abstract| |
Acknowledgements| |
Table of Contents| |
List Of Figures| |
List Of Abbreviations| |
2.1. Background of the Study| |
2.2. Statement of the Problem| |
2.3. Purpose of the Study| |
2.4. Objectives of the study| |
2.5. Research Questions| |
2.6. Significance of the Study| |
2.7. Scope of the Study| |
4.8. Introduction| |
4.9. Respondents Of The Study| |
4.10. Research Instruments Used| |
4.11. Research Procedure| |
4.12. Data Analysis| |
7.13. Recommendations based on Findings| |
7.14. Recommendations for Future Research| |
Appendix A| |


FIGURE A: Number of Respondent (Students)| |
FIGURE B :Percentage of students who watch movies/ dramas/ variety shows during free time.| | Figure C: Types of entertainment that mostly watched by the students| | Figure D: Foreign Entertainments that most Influential| | FIGURE E: Frequencies of Sudents watch their Favored Shows| | FIGURE F: Time outlay for each sessions| |

FIGURE G: Help them in improving the Vocabs and Lexis in Wrtings| | FIGURE H: Develop Creative thinking, Reasoning skills and Critical Review| | FIGURE I: Assists to Focus and Improve Academic Performance| | Table 1: Respondent’s opinion and...
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