Implication of Technology Advancement in Organizations Structure

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Speaking of team working and IT innovations and the relations between them, I was wandering which one came as a result of the other. In other words, was the information technology came first and then humans thought about how to use it effectively and came up with the idea of teamwork?, OR, the team work was there from the beginning and the problems/challenges of how the team members can communicate effectively ignite the need for more advanced and innovative communication technologies?. I am with the second possibility.

I can see that the concept/art of “WE” is not for football teams only anymore, it gradually starting to be the culture of any group of people they want to be seen as modern/open minded group and whom believe in team work.

In ABB, the organization processes/business units integration and coordination didn’t happened by nature, it took from ABB time & experiences to choose the right way of integration & coordination to be applied according to business needs.

Recently, the integration of ABB worldwide came since 2007, when ABB starts to use SAP database systems to connect all ABB around the world together. By using SAP database systems, ABB starts to act/react simultaneously by sharing the orders/financial figures across the boards, and the ability to detect the strengths and weaknesses in each country organization, services, products,…etc

ABB also has a very efficient system called CCRP system. This system purpose is to created – on the fly, case based – team works with coordinators for each issue, problem or case, whether this case came from a customer, supplier or even internally between business unites.

CCRP stands for Customer Complain Resolution Process, it’s an online system, which can be accessed, by any of the 130,000 employee of ABB worldwide. The word Customer in this system not just mean external customer, it also considering internal business unites as customers to each other. When someone trying to create CCRP...
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