Implemetation of Solid Waste

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Chapter I

Assumption Antipolo takes pride in calling its campus a ‘’green zone’. With Apostolate that aims to take care of God’s creation, the Environmental Education Program is an integral part of the curriculum. The program as a whole instills in the student a deeper commitment to environmental stewardship. It makes use of the SEE-DISCERN ACT process to develop in the student a lifestyle of steward ship where caring is a commitment. To SEE allows the student to observe environmental realities, to DISCERN is to reflect and use her personal understanding to seek God’s plan anchored on prayers, leading her to ACT in response to God’s will. The Solid Waste Management for Schools is a guide or a step-by-step instruction or manual on how solid waste management should be implemented, and who among the school community would be the key players in the immersion process. The goal is to foster participation among children and adults, and put schools in action for the welfare of Mother Earth. The program is a cross-curriculum area of learning, wherein all subject areas can integrate environmental issues and materials in their encounters, thus helping students make informed decisions.

Assumption Antipolo students also engaging in a proper waste disposal, or proper way to segregate different solid waste around the school. The school also have a Zero Waste Campaign the Canteen and cafeteria upholds the schools advocacy promoting zero waste. Therefore, the following are practiced: Encouraging the use of biodegradable materials whenever possible, minimizing the use of plastics and briging reusable container for food and drinks.

Background of the study

Solid waste management practices in schools in less-developed countries, particularly in major urban communities, constitute one of the major factors leading to declining environmental health conditions. This study helps to implement solid waste management in Assumption Antipolo School. Paper and plastics were the most frequently generated wastes. Proper segregation should be observed in the different areas as well as the cleanliness of each area especially inside of a school. As we raise hopes that members of the school community will learn to understand the importance of managing solid wastes. Together, let us work towards a picture perfect world, and lend a gentle hand to guide the young generation as they form patterns of thoughts and behaviors geared towards environmental protection and concern. For those who are buying C2 or any pet bottle product from the cafeteria, they should not throw them away but instead can bring them home and collect they can bring them to school to add to their newspaper collection. If pet bottles are not allowed in the drive, they can just sell those bottles and give the money to their class fund. The researchers conduct this research to know how the Assumption Antipolo School implements their solid waste. The Student Activity Program enriches the curricular program by providing students opportunities for developing talents, leadership and other special skills and interests, and placing these at the service of others.  

The responsibility to lead the youth lies in us, for truly, they are the hope of our Nation, and the world.

It forms them to be well-rounded and talented to prepare them to take on roles with open heart and enthusiasm.  Love for God, others and the environment are enhanced in every club activity and is even extended to the community around.  Through the varied student-initiated club activities, students engage in creative and meaningful experiences that help in their holistic growth and development.

Statement of the Problem
1.) Does the Assumption Antipolo School engage recycling their solid waste? 1.1 Animal waste Collection; and
1.2 Schedule of Waste Collection?

2.) How they collect and transfer their solid waste management? 2.1 Non Biodegrables;
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