Implementing the Pdca Cycle

Topics: Airline ticket, Travel agency, Computer reservations system Pages: 2 (714 words) Published: January 30, 2011
Implementing the PDCA Cycle: The Case Study of Dream Travel

Done by: Salwa Al Turk
P - Planning: Getting Things Started
I am the owner of a small-size travel agency called Dream Travel. The agency is situated in Gefinor Centre, Hamra, Beirut. I have three employees working in the agency, two for general reservations and ticketing and the other employee deals with tailor-made packages. I also have an office boy whom I send to do different errands. As a non-IATA travel agency, I am not able to issue tickets, book hotels, etc. except by the help of other IATA-certified travel agencies. This significantly affects my revenue since I do not receive the full commission given by the airline or hotel, car rental agency, etc. I also lose some of my customers since I cannot follow up with their bookings as I should always refer back with the IATA-certified agencies that often have a busy line. Not having an IATA license also incur additional costs such as: * Loss of market share due to difficulty of following up with the reservations * Failure to create a strong force that can affect the decisions of the suppliers in the industry * Loss of part of the commission to the agency issuing the tickets * Rise in the costs of bills, i.e. telephone bills

In this project, I am going to use the PDCA cycle to obtain the IATA license and solve the above weak points and consequently improve my service quality level. Obtaining the IATA license will greatly benefit my agency through: * Obtaining a unique numeric code to my agency which enables instant recognition of my agency’s location * Earning access to airline members' inventory and ticketing worldwide * Attaining access and use of the airlines' distribution system ( BSP - Billing and Settlement Plan) * Gaining efficiencies through IATA standardization

* Benefitting from the constant enhancement of IATA’s portfolio of products and services D – Doing: Initiating Solutions on a Test Basis
In order to...
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