Implementing of a CRM System for Tirendo

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  • Published : May 2, 2013
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Customer Relationship Management:
Implementing a CRM system for Tirendo.

Table of contents

1. Definition of CRM system ----------------------------------------------------------page 3

2.General information------------------------------------------------------------------page 3

3. Integration of CRM systems for Tirendo----------------------------------------page 4

4.Conclusion ------------------------------------------------------------------------------page

5.Bibliography ----------------------------------------------------------------------------page

1.Definition of CRM system

Customer Relationship management systems are based on relationship management and continuous communication with the customer to get feedback, gain knowledge about the customers and segment them. (Lee & Engelman,2012) In general it is to say that CRM is uniting the potentials of relationship management and information technology (Peelen, Van Montfort, Beltman & Klerkx,2009)It establishes a long-term relationship between buyer and seller. This involves creating a strategy,process and technology so that relationships to customers can be created along the whole purchasing lifecycle. (Lee & Engelman,2012) CRM is the result of the trend that marketing is shifting more and more away from a product oriented view to a consumer oriented one. (Kumar.Sunder &Ranaseshan,2011) To be in a position to implement a successful CRM system it is essential to fulfill two major points. Firstly, the CRM system must be adopted to the organizational structure and the other way round. (Valentim, Saldanha & Ferasso, 2011) Secondly, make the CRM system available at all touch points with the customers. (Peelen, Van Montfort, Beltman & Klerkx,2009) If the CRM system is implemented correctly it will create long-term relationships, loyalty, trust, commitment and repeat purchases. However, if it is not implemented correctly it can cause customers change to the firm‘s competitors.( Baksi.&Paroda, 2012) The CRM systems are generally aiming to:

1.Identify potential customers
2. develop profiles of the customers
3. search and keep information of the customers
4. build up partnerships with the customers
5. build up long term relationships
6. improve communication
(Baksi.&Paroda, 2012)

2. General information
The company was founded in march 2012 by the same founders as Zalando the company is called Tirendo. It is a B2C online platform which sells manly tiers but also some rims. The prices for tiers are up to 30 percent cheaper than in then in normal garages or at car dealers. The company has extremely high venture capital therefore, they have a huge budget e.g for TV commercials. Further this enormous budget allowed them to enter the German, French, Polish, Austrian, Dutch and Swiss market all at once. However, sales are still quite low at the moment. In general the involvement of buying tiers is low because it is just a usage product.However, the involvement has a raising potential due to the fact that tires are essential for traffic safety.

3.Integration of CRM systems for Tirendo
When Tirendo is implementing a CRM system is could take the following 8 components into account to be successful. CRM Vision
The vision is the first step of implementing a CRM system it stats what Tirendo wants to achieve with it (Peelen, Van Montfort, Beltman & Klerkx,2009) It is essential to answer to the question what are we doing and why are we doing it. Before the company can answer this, it need to be sure what its values are. Tirendo for example would like to have an amazing customer service with an fast response time and a friendly and competent service. Further, they ensure a high quality and have a huge choice of products. Therefore we can assume the following goals and reasons for Tirendo of implementing a CRM...
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