Implementing Language Acquisition in Classrooms

Topics: Education, Psychology, Learning Pages: 2 (483 words) Published: October 25, 2010
Assessment task 2, part B

RICHARD P.CARRIGAN, Implementing Language Acquisition in Classrooms. From The Journal of Adventist Education.

This review is based on the research of Richard P. Carrigan, who is the former director of English Language Learning at Milo Adventist Academy, Days Creek, OR. Richard P. Carrigan has composed this article with the aim of exploring the implementation of language acquisition in the classroom. Carrigan’s journal article investigates some of the important aspects of research that have impacted on the way we view what language is, and how learners acquire a second language.

According to Carrigan’s recent research, the learning journey of language acquisition, or language absorption, begins in the first few weeks of life, it continues until the age of five or six (p 57).Carrigan suggests that over a period of time several considerable theories have emerged. Such theories include, structured teaching which relies mainly on listening, reading and writing skills, whereas grammar is not so strongly targeted. Learners can unconsciously ‘absorb’ how language is constructed and processed on an input level through social and recreational situations (p 59). The article also points out that the use of authentic resources is vital, so that learners can feel empowered and connect with the significance of the learning for the world in which they live. Carrigan also explores the method of task- based teaching, specifically in ESL classrooms. He explains the importance of incorporating teaching experiences which are based on the goals, needs and interests of the learners. Furthermore, Carrigan refers to the use of the internet, he advocates for educational sites such as; Discovery Educational Channel, which contains numerous resources suitable for students K – 12 (p60). Carrigan suggests that English language learners can experience anxiety, inhibiting their ability to learn, even though the correct principles are implemented or...
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