Implementing Electronic Health Record

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Running Head: Organizational Change

Implementing Electronic Health Record

Electronic Health Records
Healthcare organizations face notable challenges concerning information accuracy. This can impact both patient privacy and the delivery of care. For instance, if patient information is not properly transmitted from the physician to the pharmacy, medication errors can result which can have detrimental impacts on a patient’s health. Given the importance of improving patient outcomes, the current change proposed is the adoption of an electronic health record (EHR) system for the healthcare facility. Electronic health records systems are an integral component to the maintenance of effective delivery of healthcare services (Sierra, 2007). There are two main attributes that electronic health records systems must have in order for it to have a positive impact on the organization. Data from the electronic health records system should be easily accessible by physicians, clinicians, and ancillary staff, and should provide integrated clinical information in order for healthcare providers to view a patient’s current condition within the context of the patient’s past medical history (Amatayakul, 2006). The ultimate goal of an electronic health records system is for the most appropriate individual to enter the data only once, and for this data to be available and easily accessed by clinicians. It is of the utmost importance that organizations ensure that specific electronic health records systems are a right fit for their needs. Description of the facility

The facility is Children’s Hospital of the Kings Daughters, which is a private, non-profit medical center. The facility has 212 beds, and is the facility of choice for pediatric care in southeastern Virginia and northeastern North Carolina. The services offered by the Electronic Health Record

facility include a full spectrum of pediatric care services, from primary to advanced care. This facility...
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