Implementing Computerized and Digitally Mobile Home Automation System Towards Electric Appliance Control and Security System

Topics: Computer, Personal computer, Graphical user interface Pages: 17 (4601 words) Published: March 29, 2012
Int. J. Emerg. Sci., 1(3), 487-503, September 2011 ISSN: 2222-4254 © IJES

Implementing Computerized and Digitally Mobile Home Automation System towards Electric Appliance Control and Security System Zeeshan Ahmed1,3,4,*, Mujtaba Ali2,4, Saman Majeed1
2 1 University of Wuerzburg, Wuerzburg Germany. DEKA Research and Development, Manchester USA. 3 Vienna University of Technology, Vienna Austria 4 University of Central Punjab, Lahore Pakistan.,

Abstract. In this research paper we address the importance of home automation system as compared to the old and traditional living systems. We present our own idea leading to a concept towards the practical implementation of a home automation and security system. Going into the details of this research, we present designed hardware and software architectures which then implemented in the form a real time prototype application i.e. Smart House. Discussed and implemented prototype application is capable of providing options for controlling house’s electric appliances using computer and mobile. Furthermore it provides a house security system which is capable of not only tracking the interruption but also taking some intelligent immediate response actions. Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Hardware Engineering, Human Machine Interaction, Mobile Interface, Product Line Architecture, Software Engineering, Security.



Computer Science (CS) is mainly the study of practicalities of information and computation for the implementation of applications with the use of different algorithms to model multifarious systems. Unlike other branches of Natural Sciences (Biology, Physics, Chemistry) CS is not that mature, experienced and old, as it has just recently completed its half century of academic existence in 2011. But at the same time, its speed of technological progress and worldwide acceptance is a much faster than any other field of the World which is ultimately not less than a revolution of 21st Century, so far. Likewise other scientific fields, CS has many sub fields e.g. System Design and Engineering, Theoretical CS, Operating System, Programming Languages, Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, World Wide Web, CS Graphics, Image Processing, Machine Informatics, Machine Learning, Semantic Web, Game Programming, Knowledge Engineering, Security, Virtual Product Development, Human Machine Interaction, Natural Language


Zeeshan Ahmed, Mujtaba Ali, Saman Majeed

Processing and Product Data Management and Bioinformatics etc. Many software systems have been developed and contributing in different fields of life e.g. data mining systems implementing mathematical algorithms [24], biological data management system [32], product data management systems with intelligent graphical user interface [25],[ 29] and natural language processing based search [26], [31], product line applications towards performance measurement and metrics based Analysis [27], agent and knowledge based semantic web based applications [28],[ 30], robots and multi agent systems etc. Still there are lots of areas, domains and sub fields that need to be improved and progressed. The field in the focus of this research paper is one them i.e. Electronic home automation system design and engineering [1].

Figure.1. Traditional Living System; this is an abstract pictorial presentation of the traditional living of system of developing countries and old living concept of developed countries, where most of the time a person has to do the things by his own (manually), and to make things bit automatic a person has to take help of some additional things e.g. strings etc.

Technologies like “Home Automation Systems” are still under considerations and have not been developed up to the level of ultimate maturity. The Smart House is supposed to be a house whose electric appliances can be remotely controlled (while residing...
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