Implementing Cloud Based Erp Diab

Topics: Enterprise resource planning, Cloud computing, Manufacturing resource planning Pages: 11 (3861 words) Published: February 9, 2013
Implementing Enterprise Resource Planning in the Cloud for DIAB Incorporated Course Project IS535

The document provides the outline for the proposed implementation of a cloud based ERP system to improve DIAB INC's manufacturing process across the globe.

Table of Contents
Subject of Course Project3
Business Problem Statement3
Organizational Benefits4
Company Background5
Solution Analysis (Milestone 2)9
Identify all potential opportunities10
Assure that in-house infrastructure complements cloud-based services10
Develop a roadmap for optimizing the current ERP environment11
Identify which data cannot be held in public cloud11
Identify in-house competencies11
Designate a cross-functional team to monitor cloud services12
Evaluate technical challenges12
Ensure the networking environment is ready for the cloud13
Best Practices and Implementation Milestone 314
Technical Changes14
Staffing Changes14
Project Summary16


Subject of Course Project

This proposal evaluates the current use of multiple versions of the Traverse accounting software across the company and the effect that has on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) functions and also Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) functions. After all information is evaluated, an appropriate cost effective solution will be proposed. As of today, DIAB uses a highly modified version of Traverse accounting software to provide ERP and MRP functions. This is the direct result of years of customer reports and procedures made to the SQL database by both internal IT developers and various third party consultants. The end result has been an fractured application that has lead to increased IT costs as a result of the constant customizations that have to been made in addition to the costs of IT personnel across sites to implement changes locally. There is also an increased hardware costs to have multiple systems across the world performing the same functions. Also, due to the down time of the system for maintenance, manufacturing suffers and this has a negative effect on the company's bottom line. Business Problem Statement

As the demand for composite core materials has increased globally, DIAB management realizes the need to maintain it competitive advantage by increasing production of its industry leading core products and reduce costs to stay as profitable as its competitors. In the past 5 years, DIAB has experienced lost of market share and revenue due to increased manufacturing development time/inefficient manufacturing processes, lack of communication across site/poor project communications across international sites, and overworked IT personnel/IT personnel costs, all due to an enterprise resource processing (ERP) solution that was customized off an accounting systems program. Organizational Benefits

This past winter shutdown, a full analysis of the of all the manufacturing processes and support functions was performed. During this analysis, we were able to identify distinct areas where DIAB had deficiencies could be addressed by implementing a cloud based ERP system. The benefit that we will see also immediately will be the reduction of ERP system related hardware costs. Also, we should be able to see a reduction in IT personnel costs and development related consulting costs. These cost reductions would be spread across the global and significantly reduce the IT footprint globally, reducing operating costs. In addition, operation efficiency should see a marked improvement just from the reduction of down time alone. We will also see an increase in user productivity and efficiency from the use of a centralized ERP system instead of 5 separate systems that have to replicate via SQL every 15 minutes. Approach

We shall determine if a cloud based ERP environment will be...
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