Implementing Change Report

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  • Published : September 30, 2012
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Implementing Change Report
Carrie Kawa
July 9th 2012
Rana Lindstrom

Implementing Change Report
Kudlers fine foods are implementing a change in the organization. This will be a progress report on how the changes has affected the company, how those changes are being monitored and the effect they have on the organization . We will be going in to further detail of what change management tools that were put in place to organize the change. Kudlers fine foods decided that expanding our company to new regions would have a benefit of putting Kudlers on the map. We chose Maine to be the new launch site of Kudlers fine food. This will be a report on the strength and opportunities we have taken to implement this new change. When implementing the new change of opening a new store in Maine, we took on the task of organizing the new change and putting the tools in place for a successful venture. Using the Choice Management model and the S.W.O.T. approach gave us an outline for the project. (Burns, 2004). How did we monitoring all the changes that took place? We wanted the first part of the choice management to take place. First we set up the outline the choice process- going to Maine, the context – expanding the organization, focus – making the right changes to make this a successfully venture, trajectory- Maine and expansion. On the first part of the venture we decided it would be best to monitor the changes in person. We set up operation Maine, a group of five came to Maine to set up. Operation, logistic, costumer relation, marketing and human resources management were the main part of the organization to get the project underway. The first part was monitoring the outline of the new changes and making minor adjustments. We had to have a location first and work from that middle point. Once we had the location we set up operation which was in charge of designing and setting up the new store, logistic was in charge of stock and making sure our products was...
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