Implementing Change

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Implementing Change

May 7, 2012

Implementing Change
Change is inevitable especially in the healthcare field however it is human nature to resist change. This makes the job of a manager difficult. However once he knows what is expected of him he can create a plan to effectively and smoothly implement change and handle resistance. Through creating a plan that follows four simple steps he will find this process can be pleasurable for both management and employees.

  Manager’s role and responsibility in implementing change

Seeing how the healthcare industry is always undergoing some sort of change due to new discoveries or procedural changes, it is important to be able to smoothly implement change smoothly or the result could be lethal to the consumers. On aspect of managing change is to be conscious of how this idea of change is going to affect those directly in its path. In order to help insure success it is wise to ask a few simple questions and follow steps that aims on the change, measures how effective it will be and be flexible enough to change ideas in order to make the plan work (Victorian Quality Council, 2006), as seen in the chart below.

(“Diagnostic Collaborative Programme Plan “, 2006).

One way to help ensure that the change will be successful is to involve the staff in the process; keeping in mind they may not be willing to accept the new regiment. There are multiple reasons why the staff may resist according to (NHS Modernization Agency, 2005). Staff may:

• Not be aware of the reasons why change is necessary
• Feel that there are other more important issues to be dealt with • Not agree with the proposed change, or feel that there is a better way to achieve the outcome
• Disagree about how the change should be implemented
• Feel there is a criticism about the way they do things implied in the change process • Feel that they have done this before and nothing changed • Feel that there...
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