Implementations of Finite Automata , Regular Expression , Pushdown Automata

Topics: Programming language, Regular expression, Formal grammar Pages: 2 (524 words) Published: February 7, 2011
Implementations of:

Finite automata
Regular expression
Pushdown automata

Engineering applications of finite automata

The study of automata has been acquiring increasing importance for engineers in many fields. For some time, the capabilities of these automata have been of the greatest interest to logicians and mathematicians. However, the expanding literature on the use of finite automata as probabilistic models demonstrates the growing interest in the application of these mechanisms to engineering phenomena. We, the authors, became interested in these probabilistic models in an effort to develop a general self-adaptive control scheme based on the prediction of the future of the process to be controlled. Conceivably, an adequate model of a particular process could be generated by simply observing the process parameters. With this goal in mind we began an investigation of several different modeling techniques. The ability to model stochastic data was our primary concern. We feel that the results of several modeling experiments presented here may be of interest to our readers, and we hope to encourage the use of these techniques, especially in control applications. We have seen an example of use of finite automata in describing the operation of a simplified version of vending machine. Many other systems operating in practice can also be modeled by finite automata such as control circuits of computers, computer network communication protocols, lexical analysers for compilers etc. Many of those systems fall into the class of systems called reactive system. In the case of vending machine or communication protocol, on the other hand, a system must respond to each stimulus, even to a fragment of input such as each coin tossed in for a can of soda or every message received.

Applications of Regular Expression
1.Regular expressions in Unix
In the UNIX operating system various commands use an extended...
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