Implementation of E-Recruitment

Topics: Employment, Recruitment, Human resource management Pages: 2 (388 words) Published: January 28, 2013

The electronic recruitment (e-recruitment) systems are used to facilitate and improve human resource management. They address the needs of employers and job-seekers via internetworking means which increase the speed of employment, and improve the quality of recruitment and services. They become vital assistance to human discrimination to put right people in right places. Due to the rapid change in jobs demands and the required specialization and experience, it becomes more and more difficult for recruiters to find employees that are right for their business. Recommender systems have become valuable resources for jobseekers and employers. They are considered as seeking ways to search through the enormous volumes of information available to them. In this thesis, an e-recruitment system is proposed; it is supplied with some recommendation tools. The system was designed and implemented using 3-tier client/server architecture model. The proposed system consists of web-job pages, database, and recommendation tools. Some of established web-job pages are dynamic, and they are prepared to help individual systems (i.e., job seekers, employers, and administrators) to get access and easily interact with system components. To store and retrieve the required information about the registered users, a dedicated database was established. To manage all required relations between the components of the database, the database management engine (MYSQL) was utilized, with help of (ODBC), to manage the transactions from/to database. More than one type of job-recommenders have been developed and utilized as embedded system tools, they are designed to be easily used by users to find the proper job offers. In the established system, four recommendation methods have been introduced, two of them are unintelligent and they mainly depend on the user’s decision; one of them depends on listing mechanism, and other depend on the navigation mechanism. The other two...
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