Implementation of Tqm Principles in Sme's

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The 'fad' of TQM seems to have lost popularity since the 1990's. The idea of quality being 'total' is still important today though and the view persists that everyone in the organization has the ability to impair quality in the same way that everyone can improve quality. For an organization of your choice discuss strategies that are in place that involves everyone in the process of quality improvement Assignment Title

The implementation of TQM philosophies within an SME supplying the automotive sector Introduction
This paper examines TQM within a small to medium sized enterprise (SME), which is a first-tier supplier to Jaguar Land Rover (JLR). D&A Steering Ltd operate from Hockley in Birmingham and manufacture steering assembly units for automotive manufacturers (automakers) including JLR, Nissan UK and Aston Martin. The finished products are manufactured to requirements, as the SME has no involvement in the design specification. The Company has 102 employees in total. 85 employees work in production whilst the quality department comprises a team of four. This organisational design would indicate that much of the quality inspection has been empowered to the production workers. The SME has recently been accredited with ISO9002 and QS9000 quality standards as well as working toward the automotive quality standard of TS16949. TQM Strategies

It is recognized that all individuals within a Company have the ability to affect quality (Slack et al., 2009; Ghobadian and Gallear, 1996). Further, this paper endorses that “quality” may be affected by those individuals or companies involved in the complete supply chain (Brown, 1993) and should not be restricted to individuals from only within the organisation. D&A Steering has a quality steering group comprising senor managers, supervision and hourly paid workers from the shop floor who meet regularly to discuss, and action various quality related items. The main responsibilities of the group...
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