Implementation of IS Systems in Zara

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  • Published : October 14, 2011
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Zara well known to everyone as a Fashion Store is also an excellent business system to study the implementation of the various IS systems for various departments of Zara. Some of the departments in which these IS systems are successfully implemented are as follows and let us look into each of these Business system of Zara in detail Design

Sourcing & Manufacturing
Store operations
Zara has a dedicated design team also called as the creative team Zara consisted of 3 key resources catering to three product lines for women, men and children. The creative team includes, Designers

Sourcing Specialists
Product development personal
Some of the various sources of information for Zara’s IT systems that enabled to give Zara’s creative team an edge over their competitors are as follows, High-frequency information – By processing the databases and checking for the best sellers during that selling season and this was made sure by ensuring that the data was a very accurate and a reliable one. Store managers – By getting their feedback through frequent conversations Sales Data – Achieved via POS information

Industry publications – News papers, Fashion Magazines etc., TV, Internet and Film content
Trend Spotters – University campuses and discotheques
Zara’s fashion conscious staff
The major advantage that Zara had over its competitors was that having this wonderful IT System in place which helped them reduce the failure rate to 1% compared to the industry standard of 10% SOURCING & MANUFACTURING:

Manufacturing of an apparel is as important as designing it and hence it has to be done from the right sources. Some of the Sources for Zara’s manufacturing are from, 200 Suppliers near Zara’s headquarters

Barcelona and Hong Kong
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