Implementation of Code of Ethics

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Implementation of NDCA’s Code of Ethics
Akemi L. Stout
Grand Canyon University: LDR 800
October 23, 2011

“Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier” (Powell, 2007)
Codes of ethics are guidelines provided by business entities to communicate to the subordinates the beliefs, values, missions and overall perspectives of what the company or organization is about. In this paper, I will give my ideas of how I feel my code of ethics should be best implemented. In doing so, I will discuss its relevancy to other documents that are included in the code, a strategy of communicating it to all stakeholders, enforcing it, and a strategy for evaluation of revisions. Also, you will find a discussion that gives reasons for why my implementation plan will be successful unlike others.

Ethical Code’s Collaboration
The Code of Ethics for North Delta Center for Advancement was designed with the mission and vision of the company’s future at the beginning stages of incorporating. I established this company with the heart of what it means to be a wholesome and God-fearing person in mind. In doing so, I envisioned that those who accompanied me on my journey would be able to make a tremendous impact upon the people in the heart of the Mississippi Delta. This impact would embody the values and mission that my company was founded on… truth and righteousness.

Collaboration and Communication with Stakeholders
When the Code of Ethics was written for NDCA, each component was carefully selected. The comprehensive details were written to be people friendly, thus the terminology used was well chosen and thoughtful of any culture, gender, or race of people. However, the strategy in which I will communicate to my stakeholders, will that of a town hall meeting. I believe that by using this method of communication, the components included in my code of ethics would be better understood. This method of delivery would all me to receive instant feedback from the persons that it could very well potentially affect. Thus bringing together the people in the town and potential employees/consumers/clients would show the sincerity of my company and its mission and goals.

As with many code of ethics, it is as only as good as the leader who enforces it. According to Sims (1992), when the ethical climate is clear and positive, everyone will know what is expected of them when inevitable ethical dilemmas occur (Sims, 1992). Enforcement of NDCA’s code of ethics would have to be done on every level. Because this company has been founded on the principals of positive moral behavior, unethical behavior would be apprehended after a thorough investigation of each instance. There would be established an ethics committee within the human resource department. This committee would be committed to serving each employee with the highest level of privacy and confidentiality. Employees will receive representation until it is decided that there was no wrong doing on behalf of the company, thus, if there is need for negotiations and the company is not at fault, they will need to obtain legal representation. Furthermore, each instance of unethical behavior will be taken very seriously. Thus, it has been considered that a behavior assessment would be in order for those whom seem to have had more than two instances of unethical behavior that is based upon the severity of the behavior being investigated. After investigation, the persons being investigated would be given a time to be briefed on what was discovered during the investigation, and how the company feels best to move forward. Employees will be given seventy two hours from the day of briefing to submit a grievance form with they disagreed with the findings and/or the decision of the ethics committee.

Revisions of NDCA’s Code of ethics
Revisions to the code of ethics will be conducted each quarter as determined by the board of directors. The...
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