Implementation and Evaluation of Mis

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mplementation of MIS

The choice of the system or the sub-system depends on its position in the total MIS plan, the size of the system, the user understands of the system and the complexity and its interface with other systems. The designer first develops systems independently and starts integrating them with other systems, enlarging the system scope and meeting the varying information needs.

Determining the position of the system in the MIS is easy. The real problem in the degree of structure, and formalization in the system and procedures which determine the timing and duration of development of the system. Higher the degree of structured ness and formalization, greater is the stabilization of the rules, the procedures, decision making and the understanding of the overall business activity. Here, it is observed that the user’s and the designer interaction are smooth, and each other’s need are clearly understood and respected mutually. The development becomes a methodical approach with certainty in input-process and outputs. MIS is generally used by medium and larger scale organizations. However, small organizations are yet to understand its application. There is dire need to build up computer culture by properly disseminating information about computer applications and its benefits.

Implementation of MIS can be achieved by using any of the methods such as direct, parallel, modular or phase in.

• Direct Approach

Direct installation of the new system with immediate discontinuance of the old existing system is reffered as “cold turnkey” approach. This approach becomes useful when these factors are considered.

1. The new system does no replace the existing system.
2. Old system is regarded absolutely of no value
3. New system is compact and simple.
4. The design of the new system is inexpensive with more advantages and less risk involved.

• Parallel Approach

The selected new system is installed and operated with current system. This method is expensive because of duplicating facilities and personal to maintain both the systems. In this approach a target date must be fixed when the operations of old system cease and new one will operate on its own.

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