Imperialsm and Manifest Destiny

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  • Published : March 19, 2006
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In 1898, America was beginning to expand its horizons. But unlike Manifest Destiny over a half century before, they were now seeking out overseas lands. Realizing the great increase in the cost of exports, America was put in a compromising position. With a booming increase in wealth and industrialism, the nation was prepared to take on new challenges outside of its boundaries. Other elements also stimulated the imperialist attitude. The “yellow press” and missionaries made the behavior glorified and reinforced the sentiments of aggressively undertaking new challenges. These actions were similar to those of the Manifest Destiny era. During that era, America was under divine guidance to control the North American continent from coast to coast. It would appear that the new imperialistic behavior was a mere extension of the ideas that led Americans west; now, they were traveling South and East. Both policies also seemed to have economic motives and instilled a sense of national pride into America. However, there are notable distinctions It is fair to say that imperialism was a direct expansion of Manifest Destiny with striking similarities and differences. The overseas expansion began in 1898 with the Spanish-American war. Now impulsive, and rash to act, America used the explosion of the Maine to ignite a war with Spain. As the Rough Riders engaged in battle in Cuba, the American dominance overseas was beginning to be realized. Another successful campaign occurred in the Philippines, where the capture of Aguinaldo led to their victory. Although many believe that the victory in the Spanish-American War supplanted them as a world power, the war solidified the reality that they had always been a world power. The imperialistic victories of America throughout the world gave notice to that they were not afraid to act. As time progressed, America began to grow as the Pacific islands were becoming possessions of America. This territorial expansion that took...
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