Imperialism Story Book

Topics: United States, Spanish–American War, Puerto Rico Pages: 2 (471 words) Published: June 6, 2012
Chapter 3
Puerto Rico

General Nelson A. Miles and 3,300 soldiers moved into Puerto Rico on July 25th and took the land. One day later, the Spanish government sued him for peace. A treaty was finally signed two weeks after. The Treaty of Paris said that Puerto Rico and the island in the Marianas were added to the United States. The United States still occupies the city, bay, and harbor of Manila. Puerto Rico, a U.S. territory, was given a certain amount of popular government through the Foraker Act of 1900. Although it gave them some choice, Puerto Rico was forced into an American-like democracy.

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Chapter 4:

Once again, America was looking to expand, this time into Cuban territory. The U.S. began by blockading Cuba, and sending troops to the area. This angered the Spanish, and began the Spanish-American War. The first battle was the Battle of Manila Bay where George Dewey, commander of the Asiatic Squadron located at Hong Kong, crushed the Spanish fleet. And in June, American Marines captured the great harbor of Guantanamo Bay. On July 3, volunteers led by Theodore Roosevelt and a force of African Americans soldiers defeated the Spanish army in Cuba at the battle of San Juan Hill. These attacks worked and the large but weak Spanish military was taken down. Just two months later, Spain realized it could not continue fighting and asked for U.S. terms of peace. This led to the Teller Amendment of 1898. Even though the Teller Amendment for the resolution of the war said that Cuba was an independent nation, U.S. troops stayed in Cuba until 1901. The Platt Amendment of 1901 was then made. The amendment stated that Cuba could not sign an agreement with another country that kept them from being independent and could not have a large amount of public debt. In addition, America would be able to help Cuba keep the country in order and keep its independence and keep naval bases in Cuba. In...
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