Imperialism in Europe

Topics: British Empire, British Raj, Colonialism Pages: 3 (877 words) Published: April 18, 2013
Country| Britain|
Social| * East India Trading Co encouraged many Christian missionaries to convert Indian people, creating social-cultural imperialism * New cartridges utilizing animal fat caused disputes with both Hindu and Muslims in the British sepoys, leading to the Sepoy rebellion * The Indian Civil Service attempts to create a legitimate authority by giving British rulers the luxury and pompous lifestyle of previous Indian princes. * New sewage and water supplies were installed in India to prevent cholera outbreaks partly due to the Hindu practice of bathing and drinking from sacred rivers. * Britain expands the education to that of Western teachings and languages to educate Indians to fill administrative posts. With this new education also came western liberal ideals, and with education unifying some Indian people, Indian nationalism began to rise. * Rammohun Roy becomes the first Indian nationalist in the early 1800’s * Educated and ambitious Indians form the Indian National Congress in 1885 to create a larger role for Indians in the Civil Service. They were unable to gain a following in India and thus did not cause much change until mid 1900s.| Economic| * 1750- Britain has several outposts in India used for trading purposes * 1765- East India Trading Co gains control of Calcutta and soon other trading posts * Britain after 1858 transformed India through huge investing and modernization. India’s cities, harbors, canals and most importantly railroads received large improvements. Indian products also became a larger part in the international trade.| Political| * 1750 outposts in India are operated according to economic imperialism, employ sepoys * In 1765, the “Black hole of Calcutta” allowed the East India Trading Co. to gain control of Calcutta and soon surrounding regions * 1818- East India Trading Co gains so much control over the subcontinent it forms the British Raj (reign). * Cultural implications cause...
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