Imperialism Dbq

Topics: United States, Native Americans in the United States, Spanish–American War Pages: 2 (653 words) Published: March 27, 2013
Imperialism DBQ

Before the late 19th century the United States had not expanded outside of the Americas this changed when wealth, population and industrial production increased.The demand for resources led to an era of imperialism. During this era expansionism in the United States kept the same principle but, it departed from previous expansions regarding to geography, politics and the economy. Americans kept the same principle, that God had given the U.S divine right to expand. The new” Manifest Destiny” was a continuation to the previous “Manifest Destiny”, except it extended to far away Islands that would not become states but instead become colonies. Many Americans continued to believe in Jackson Turner’s “Frontier Thesis”. They believed that if the U.S did not expand it would “explode”. In 1885 Josiah Strong wrote “Our Country, he advocated superiority of the Anglo-Saxons and urged Americans to spread their religion to the “backward” peoples (Doc.B). Americans had felt the need to take control of the Indians after the Civil War and they continued to exert colonial control over dependent peoples on the Islands. Previously the expansion movement had not gone overseas. The Monroe Doctrine had given the U.S control over the Americas and kept foreign countries from intervening. Germany and the U.S got into a dispute over the Samoan Islands and America kept half. In 1898 Hawaii was annexed. American expansionism also went to the Philippines, Cuba and Puerto Rico. The era of Imperialism differed in politics from expansionism in the Americas. European powers were colonizing the world and America was being left-out (Doc.A), by 1900 Europe had taken over 20 percent of the land and 10 percent of the population of the world. The U.S felt the desire to compete with Europe for overseas empires. Before the United States had felt the need to expand and become a strong country, but now it was a competition of world dominance. In The Influence of Sea Power upon History...
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