Imperialism & Colonialism in Africa

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  • Published : October 31, 2012
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Stephanie S McKnight
Hist 205
Dr. Mary Louise Nagata
October 20, 2011
Imperialism and Colonialism in Africa or South/Southeast Asia in the Modern Era Kenya is now an independent country, which has been independent since 1963. Kenya is located in eastern Africa and it’ a very unique country because it lies on the equator. Kenya was one of the last of Great Britain’s dependencies in British East Africa. Kenya was also a member of the British Commonwealth of Nations. The country of Kenya developed from the European urge they had for Africa, which had them motivated for more territories. They wanted cheap labor and raw materials to support the industrial revolution in Europe and its strategic position in relation to India and the Far East. The urge for Africa and more territories marked the beginning of colonization and the establishment of colonial rule in Kenya. Europeans took an interest in Africa, and became more involved in the continent around the 1400s. One reason for this involvement was the growing opposition to the slave trade. Through out the years the British founded a colony for freed slaves in Sierra Leone. About 30 years later, a group of Americans established Liberia for freed slaves and their descendants. Along with efforts to end slavery, Europeans also tried to bring Christianity to Africa. Their missionaries traveled throughout the continent, seeking to convert Africans and spread Western culture. By the late 1800s many Africans had begun to accept and adapt various elements of European civilization. At the same time, the nature of European interest in Africa changed dramatically. Impressed by the continent's abundant supply of natural resources, Europeans wanted to make the best out of the resources. To achieve this goal, they attempted to overpower African peoples and force them to accept foreign rule. European nations raced to colonize as much African territory as possible. Along with all of this the Europeans divided up most of the...
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