Imperialism: Colonialism and Great Britain

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  • Published : May 21, 2013
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The Driving force behind European imperialism in Africa

From the 1500’s to about the 1800’s trade with European nations have traded with other countries for many years. Africa has many natural resources that other European nations wanted. Such as cotton, rubber, zinc, lead, coal, coffee, peanuts, bananas, coca, sugar, palm oil and the two most expensive resources found here were gold and diamonds that Great Britain used. Yet many European nations used so many resources that Africa had to give. Without Africa’s consent, many countries decided to move in imperializing Africa, feeling like they had ethnocentrism or that one’s culture is superior to another’s. Many countries that came to Africa were nationalist. Giving pride in their country yet giving off the impression that they were superior to any other country. Driving forces would include Economical causes, cultural beliefs and Nationalism.

Nationalism: European countries consisted of so much pride for each country that one would feel superior to another. This is why European countries tried to hit Africa as fast as they could to get the best resources using imperialism. Countries were trying to take over Africa because they felt as though they were an underdeveloped country. Other Countries felt they could do more for Africa, improving the growth of this country and helping Africa on its own. Yet in reality history shows us that other countries such as France, Great Britain, Portugal, Belgium and Germany ended up helping themselves. From 1854-1900 Great Britain, and France were the fastest and biggest winners that seized African colonies. Liberia and Ethiopia were the only two African countries that remained independent.

Economical causes: Africa was not growing as rich as other European countries had been, other countries took these resources that Africa had to offer for little to nothing at all. Making other countries wealthier and stronger with trade. Africa also had working class, that...
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