Imperialism and Stronger People Slaves

Topics: Africa, Imperialism, Self Pages: 2 (480 words) Published: November 4, 2012
Throughout history, imperialism has been a common exercise that was practiced by major super powers like Western Europe. To some imperialism may seem like a good idea with all of the riches and wealth to the mother country, but it really is not a good thing.

Imperialism helped start slavery and it also makes countries lose their self confidence and self respect by calling them savages. These examples and many others are reasons why imperialism has negative effects on countrys and people.

First imperialistic countrys feel that they hold all of the power and they can do whatever they want to the smaller countries. The higher people from the mother country "kill people, seduce people, and make the younger stronger people slaves" as stated in Document #5 ("An Anthology of West African Verse" by David Diop, 1957). Here they take the young people and make them their personal servants by having them bring them things like food and drinks. Document #2 ("Learning civilized ways is hard work" cartoon) shows a big man

from a major country making slaves out of the people from the smaller countrys. He is saying that by doing what ever he says to do, the people will become civilized, but what they’re really becoming is slaves.

Second, major countrys come to developing countrys with many empty promises just so they can have the land. As stated in Document #4 (African proverb), "when the whites came to our Country, we had the land and they had the Bible, now we have the Bible and they have the land." The white men came over and they wanted to modernize Africa so they taught them their religion. As they were learning, the white men snatched up their land without the Africans even realizing it. When they come, they always come with something to exchange for land.

Third, imperialistic countries not only hurt the other countries land or economy, but they effect the person also. In Document #6 (Sekou Toure, West African Nationalist, 1962) the smaller countrys people...
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