Imperialism 1850-1914 in Africa

Topics: British Empire, Colonialism, Africa Pages: 3 (1150 words) Published: March 18, 2011
AP World History Hal Emas
Period Two February 22, 2011
Imperialism in Africa and Asia
In the beginning of 19th century, Europe had almost no land in Africa except for the coastal areas. In the middle of the century however, Europe became quite interested in Africa. This came from wanting to create overseas empires, also known as imperialism. European nations wanted to control the lands with the most raw material to fuel their industrial economies. Another reason was that as a nation gained colonies it increased their greatness. The one major reason I believe they colonized Africa was racism, plain and simple they thought they were better than the Africans. And of course, christian missionaries were pro imperialism. They thought that imperialism would end the slave trade and would give them a chance to convert them. The result of these factors was Europe began to divide up Europe between the powers that be. The fact that they were more technologically advanced help them succeed. The use of steam engines, railroads and telegraphs made it very easy to penetrate deep into Africa. The fact that they had machine guns made it very difficult for the Africans to resist. The discovery of quinine, a bark that treats malaria, proved to help immensely. The greatest factor to the advantage of the Europeans was that the Africans were severely divided. These events began in the late 19th century. When the Europeans discovered diamonds and gold, it just made them all the more curious. To make sure Europe would not fight over the land they met in Berlin in 1884-1885. They decided that to divide up the land they would claim it and show they had control over it. This is when everyone began grabbing the land. By 1914 the only free countries were Liberia and Ethiopia. Soon after the colonization, Europe began building plantations that grew products anywhere from peanuts to rubber. They took tin and copper from the Congo, diamonds and gold from South Africa. In South Africa...
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