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  • Published : May 12, 2013
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Imperialism is when an empire conquers or founded another nation. It is an important part of many countries development throughout history. It helps expand the growth of many countries. This however was formed when European countries wanted new markets for their manufactured goods. Many Western countries wanted to influence other countries with their culture so many people came to support imperialism. Since America was growing too big, it had to expand thus it caused America to end isolationism. Some Americans believed that America did need to expand to keep its economy strong. Other people like Alfred T. Mahan believed that the United States needed a stronger navy, but alas this means that the navy needs more coaling station and oversea bases. But what better way to obtain these new places then by annexing other countries. America became a major imperialist country. The U.S eventually expanded into a much larger powerful nation. The addition of Alaska, Hawaii, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Midway Islands, and Samoa helped increase the United States territory. This allowed America to increase its economic value and its resources. Many people viewed the United States being an imperialist country a good thing. It allowed the U.S to benefit in war as they have more military bases. The U.S also soon started the Spanish-American War when the America battleship USS Maine stationed in Cuba near Havana blew up. As during that time period Cuba was trying to break their control from Spain. So eventually America’s involvement in foreign policies drastically grew thanks to the power of imperialism.
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